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6 Layer Gauze Blanket | Lace


Our blankets are made of 6 layers of organic gauze, which is a loosely woven cotton fabric. These 6 layers together make this piece the perfect year round blanket. Incredibly soft and comforting, this lightweight yet warm blanket will accompany your little one for every moment, from bassinet, to stroller to snuggles.

Our organic cotton ensures your baby is wrapped with the safest material for their delicate skin.

This blanket has a lace edge finish, giving it a beautiful final touch.

Measures 80 x 100 cm / 31” x 34”

Material: Organic cotton


Care instructions:

Wash cold, delicate cycle with like colors. air dry flat, do not tumble dry or iron.

Please keep in mind blanket may shrink by a couple of centimeters after washed for the first time.

Please do not leave any child under 1 with a blanket unattended and follow SIDS guidelines.

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