You're making a difference with your purchase

We are committed to bringing you pieces that can be passed down and loved, thus reducing waste. Our products are all made from natural materials rather than synthetic which are harmful to both the environment and your baby’s skin. As a small business, we also hope to make an impact for a better earth and a better future for our children. For that reason, we have pledged to give back a percentage of all sales to children and our earth.

Giving back to children in need

Every month, we take a percentage of our sales to give back to babies and children. We work with different organizations to help provide for orphans, NICU babies and more with the help and aid they need. More information on organizations coming soon.

Giving back to our Earth

We do our best to use minimal and recyclable packaging and reduce the use of plastic, but we believe in doing more. Because of the nature of online businesses, our carbon footprint is not neutral. That’s why we have partnered with Ecologi to work on reducing our carbon footprint. Ecologi is an organization with the goal of restoring our earth and the climate through reforestation and carbon offsetting projects throughout the world, such as building renewable energy sources. As we grow, we will grow our contributions to help balance out our footprint. We also hope to contribute to more planted trees that will help restore forests and wildlife habitats, provide jobs to local families and more, every month through your purchases. Every purchase with tiny by nature is making an impact and we thank you for choosing us. Learn more about Ecologi and their projects here.